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Information on Conducting Research from the Society of American Archivists

Exciting News! 

The Society of American Archivists NHD Committee is happy to announce the "opening" of a new, online toolkit with step by step help for NHD students conducting research in an archives.

Visit the site at:

You will find:

•    A short video introducing and welcoming students to archives
•    Information on how to find and contact archives about primary sources on specific topics
•    An introduction to using primary sources
•    Information and examples of what to expect when you visit an archives
•    Links to gateways to help find reliable sites for online primary sources
•    Links to great information about teaching students how to work with primary sources

It includes information about NHD for archivists to help them understand how to work with student researchers.  This site puts educators, students, and archivists on the same page in helping students learn.